I am of two people. Always. I am always seeking adventure, of new places, of new experiences, of travel that challenges me, of beautiful places, of beautiful people, of common places – where people have called home.

Where I come through yet leave changed, a different person.

I am this person who watches sunrises and sunsets on different shores, who sleeps under the stars, who wakes on couches. I am this person who meets others and take a journey with them – even if its for only a couple of hours – they change me also, I am different because of each one.

I am this person who never wants to stop exploring, embracing and going with the wind.

I am also this other person – made up of memories of home. Home where love lives – where I know I will settle. I am this person who is surrounded by friends, family, who has success, who loves the sun, the beach, the freedom that comes with knowing who I am and certain in my home.

I am always choosing between the two and I feel I always will


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