I am sitting in this hammock, watching the sun rise. I am alone, surrounded by mist, of a rising light just above the mountains. I take a deep breath – yet nothing, no sound, no noise, the air is still. I smile to myself as I wrap my body in my blanket – warm, safe, secure. There are flashes of the night before, of laughter, of smiles, of games played.

Of a beautiful man looking at me with brown eyes, beckoning and playful. I fall for them. I follow them into the jungle. We stand underneath the stars, his tall, lean, darkened figure illuminated by the moon. I have never seen anyone so beautiful and I am mesmerized by him. We stand together like this for a moment. There is no sound between us, yet we move together, as if in a slow dance. He holds me, he breathes me in, he takes me, wraps himself around me. The skies open and it starts to rain but we don’t stop, we go with the rhythm of each drop as it sits everything around us – like a soft pounding of a drum, music only we can hear. It hits each leaf, each pebble, each tree, each seed which has yet to sprout.

The sun is rising now with my memory of the night before – and I smile.



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