Today I want to crawl out of my skin, out of this shell, into the wild

I want to sit under the stars and count each one as they turn on at night

I want to be an imagined figure, out alone, with no distractions, no reason to return

I want to be surrounded by warmth and love , by the earth, only the earth

I have a restlessness inside me I cant seem to settle

No matter how far I go, or if I return home

No matter who I meet, who I lay next too

It is a restlessness I both hope and fear wont go away

So I will sit and listen, wait and watch

Follow my heart until I can no longer count the stars



Its in the silences where things are said

Where the fine line of live or let go are read

The life that was will never come again

The life that would have been now just in pain

How could something so bright, intense and new

Suddenly darken in a day or two

Its forcing and pulling me against the flow

To a path uncertain, to a person I don’t know

I’ll let myself think of him once a day

For an hour that’s all until his memory fades

What was the purpose even for a short time

What was his role in this life of mine

Was it to show me that there could be hope

For pleasure, for love, to no longer feel alone

Was it to show me back to a path

That nourishes my soul, to remind me of my life before it was broken

I have faith that the universe will help me again

To start to heal a broken heart that was never on the mend


New Moon


Sitting in this quiet tent, surrounded by the sea

Feeling life’s vibrations, filling all of me

In the silence I think of a life gone away

Of a present that I’m missing with each passing day

Where the ocean meets the sand, it washes things clean

Where I hope to find a different, better me

My thoughts are calming, balancing once more

My heart is singing as the winds hit the shore

Trust in your heart, my soul speaks and yells and shouts

Follow your bliss and forget about

A life that once was or that may be

Live in the now, in solitude, be free

Listen to the call of the earth

Listen to the wind , the rains

Watch the sun as it glistens

Watch the moon as it wanes

Feel the coolness of the darkness night

The warmth of the day

Look to the heavens and watch the stars shine, watch them dance

It is these moments that are fleeting, if your heart is not here

The love that you want becomes the greatest fear

The love that you seek is already around

Look up! Open your eyes and hear the sound

Your heart will not lead you astray

For life goes on, even on rainy days

The Lake


I looked upon you with worry and doubt
but as soon as I saw you, you washed it all away
You took my breath and made my heart pound
You bought tears to my eyes and my very being cried out
‘You are home’
I watch you glisten, shine and shimmer under the clear sky
As you reflect it back into the world
And I watch as you sit calmly under the moonlight, a seamingless, endless glass floor
People glide over you and you accept them with each stroke
I wonder what lies beneath and I long to uncover this
You have bought me peace