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Let’s get to these moments every day


Let's get to these moments every day

I am a bit of a sunrise/sunset freak..I enjoy watching the earth quieten into the darkness and I rarely find a moment like this at sunrise. I awoke in Lanquin, Guatemala at 5am, a stillness within the air. After heading down and out of the bathroom I realized it was still dark outside however the sun was about to rise, so I thought why not jump in a hammock and do some writing about my current travels. I remember sitting in that hammock, blissful in my solitude, about to start writing when I felt it. I had to stop and look up and there it was..the sun rising amongst the clouds. It was the first sunrise I had seen for awhile, yet it felt like the very first sunrise I had ever seen. I remember looking around and not one person was about..and I remember smiling to myself and thinking ‘ Yup, this is this moment..this sunrise is mine and no one else’s.’ I remember the feel of it, the vibrations of it illuminating everything and nothing all at once, the silence despite the river below. I looked down at what I wrote, where I stopped writing, and even now I pick up my journal and still cannot finish what I had begun to write, sometimes there are just no words..even in written words I was speechless. A photo can only capture so much but they sure can trigger such memories that continue to leave you speechless.